Druid Berkana - One Component (250g)

Druid Berkana - One Component (250g)

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Druid Nutritients offers the most cost effective all-in-one full-cycle growth solution for your plants. You no longer need 15 different types of veg nutrients, bloom nutrients, root stimulators or boosters. Everything your plants needs can be found in just one bag of Druid Nutritients.


Druid Nutrients is a universal fertilizer with a natural growth and bloom stimulator for all types of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. The formula consists of more than 85+ minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients extracted from sea salt, mine salt, seaweed and Amazonian humus.

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    Full cycle formula for growth and bloom (ALL in ONE) including a 100% natural enhancer for accelerated metabolisation and boosted immune system.


    • 90+ Minerals & Trace elements

    • Amino acids

    • Fatty Acids

    • Phytonutrients

    • Fruit oils


    100 gr for 100 liters of water

    (For an EC of 1,2 and pH of 5,5 up to 8.0)


    250 gr

    NPK 10-30-20:

    N: (6% Nitric Nitrogen, 3,9% Ammoniacal nitrogen, 10,1% Ureic nitrogen)

    P: (Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5 = 8,7%))

    K: (Potassium oxide (K2O, 16.6% K)

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