Druid Nutrients is an all-in-one, and full-cycle growth solution for all possible growing mediums. Our company focuses not only on the plant but also on sustainability.


Druid Nutrients is a universal fertiliser with a natural growth and bloom stimulator for all types of plants.

The formula consists of 90+ minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients extracted from sea salt, mine salt, seaweed and Amazonian humus.

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Most nutrition companies that are active in the market are using a multitude of separate components and additives in combination with very complex growing schemes. 

Druid Nutrients designed a range of dry formulas with a balanced mix of all the nutrition and growth stimulators.  In collaboration with an international team of experienced  scientists we have developed Druid Berkana. The most complete and cost effective all-in-one full-cycle nutritional solution on the market for your plants!


It is not longer needed to dose and mix more than 15 different types of products such as bloom nutrients, root stimulators or boosters. Everything your plants needs can be found in just one bag of Druid Berkana. It is that easy!

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Our scientists have visited all kinds of places in the world where life originates, like the amazons, rainforests and deep oceans. We studied the phenomena that some plants are strong, healthy, and resistant. We embraced the lessons from nature and extracted  the components that ensure healthy plant life.

Ancient Druid formulas mention the importance of minerals and trace elements. Berkana is a universal formula for all types of plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs  and flowers. Berkana contains a unique mix of more than 90 naturally chelated minerals and trace elements that are extracted from land and sea-salts, fluvial humic compounds, plant extracts and fruit oils.


It is a balanced dry formula that represents the complete spectrum of nutrition that every form of life needs for growth and energy.